Is It Time to Update Your Bathroom?

Just like your bedroom, your bathroom should be a relaxing place. Whether you unwind in the shower or with a hot bath, making sure your bathroom is a place of comfort and not stressful is key to making your home a happier place. Because it is a room you will definitely spend time in every single day, these signs might indicate that it is time for some changes and some tips to help you do so.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

1. Poor Lighting
You can consider investing in brighter bulbs and updating your light fixtures. You might want to check-out some great LED light fixture options. They’re environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

2. No Storage Space
You may want to install a larger vanity, or additional shelving.

3. Outdated Paint Color
Updating your wall color with something more neutral, light, and timeless can help bring your bathroom back to life. You may want to consider using Low VOC paint, since it’s less toxic and also it has a low odor than other paints.

4. That ‘Bathroom’ Scent
Checking for mold, fixing any leaks, or adding ventilation can help relieve any scent you can’t seem to get rid of.

5. Leaks
Calling a plumber to make repairs is usually necessary if you have brown water stains or water leaks.

6. Time to Sell
If you’re getting ready to sell, you may want to consider updating whatever needs updating can increase your home value.

White Bathroom

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