The Five Top Draws of Minneapolis-Saint Paul City Living

Downtown Minneapolis

St. Paul is Minnesota’s capital, so it’s a political and cultural hub. Its residential areas suit every style, from the Victorian elegance of Summit Hill, to the boutique feel of Grand Avenue, to the artists’ lofts downtown. And Minneapolis offers skyscrapers amid historic landmarks, a famous row of restaurants, plus nightlife, recreation, and wonderful parks.

What else draws home buyers to the city life?  

1. Supercharging a Career

Big cities offer job opportunities. With plenty of job fairs and top-notch companies focused on them during hiring events, the Twin Cities have a special edge when it comes to career boosts. 

2. Being Culturally Enriched

Urban living offers a way to mingle with interesting, well-informed people in daily interactions. Cultures inform and inspire one another. The joy of discovery permeates our arts, music, and culinary experiences, and the bonds between people from childhood on.

3. Raising Worldly Kids

Children in cities have plenty of public and private school options where they’ll be encouraged to think creatively and become part of a diverse community of learners. The Twin Cities give young people excellent choices, such as St Paul’s Central Senior High School, renowned as one of best of Minnesota. 

4. Getting Around With Ease 

Cities make getting around without a car possible. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Twin Cities. Most everything’s a walk, bike ride, or skyway stroll away, and St Paul and Minneapolis are green transit champions.

5. Keeping a Small Footprint

Chic loft and condo living has reclaimed downtown and waterfront spaces. Small is beautiful (and practical) for today’s professionals, and loft or condo living keeps energy and resource use frugal. 

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