Best 5 Dog Parks in Downtown St. Paul

St Paul Dog Parks

With so many dog friendly condos in St Paul, it’s no wonder the city is filled with dog parks for pups large and small. Check out these top 5 dog parks in downtown St Paul. 

1. High Bridge Dog Park

Located along the Mississippi River-front park in Lowertown, the High Bridge Dog Park may be the city’s biggest dog park at seven acres. Note, parts of this park are closed through December for construction.

2. Meeker Island Dog Park 

Take your water dog to this unfenced dog park between the river and the bluffs, where he can swim. Meeker Island dog park is located near the first lock on the river in downtown St Paul. 

3. Lowertown Dog Park 

Right near CHS field, the recently renovated Lowertown Dog Park offers a safe, fenced-in off-leash area for pets. This pet park offers night lighting and doggy water fountains. Note, puppies must be over 4 months to visit this park, and this park is best for Lowertown area residents, since there is only pay parking nearby. 

4.  Minnehaha Dog Park 

Across the river from downtown St Paul, the Minnehaha dog park offers over 6 acres for off leash play. The park is only partially fenced, so make sure your pooch has verbal recall. Note, the Minnehaha dog park requires a permit, which is $5 per day or $35 for a year. The fee is worth it since this jewel-like pet park contains trails, beach areas, and woods. 

5. Battle Creek Dog Park

Okay, this isn’t near downtown St Paul, it’s in Maplewood, but your active dog will love visiting this 35-acre park packed with trails, two ponds, and fenced-in puppy playgrounds. 

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Minneapolis & St. Paul Dog Parks

Minneapolis St Paul Dog Parks

Minneapolis-St. Paul is an area so vibrant that it has something for everyone, including dog lovers. If you are a dog owner who is looking to move to a city where your furry friend will feel right at home, then the Twin Cities is a great option.

Here are several Minneapolis & St. Paul dog parks that your pet will love:

  • Arlington/Arkwright Off-Leash Dog Area

Located at St. Paul, this off-leash dog park is one of the most popular in the area. Spanning almost 5 acres, this park is filled with lush greenery, plenty of open space and a rolling ridgeline path, making it perfect for any dog to roam around as much as they like. The park is fully fenced, so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety.

  • High Bridge Dog Park

This is a St. Paul dog park that stands on a sprawling 7 acres of open space. Once a coal power plant site, it was given to the city and converted into a fully-fenced dog park after a clean up in May 2012. Today, it is one of the most loved hotspots for dogs to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day with their owners and other furry friends.

  • Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park

Minnehaha Off-Leash Dog Park is located at the convergence of the Mississippi River and Minnehaha Creek. Your dog will surely enjoy the lush vegetation as well as the water features at this gorgeous park that spans about 6.6 acres. You can find all kinds of dogs and dog owners during the weekdays and weekends.

  • Battle Creek Dog Park

Located at Maplewood, Battle Creek Dog Park is the largest dog park in Minneapolis-St. Paul, spanning a whopping 35 acres. That’s a huge area where your dog can just go crazy running around and playing in the sun. The park is fully enclosed, and even has a huge swimming pool and two small ponds.