Northeast Minneapolis Arts District: Urban Condo & Loft Living

Modern Lofts

Minneapolis Northeast has numerous neighborhoods. If you’re looking for urban walkable condo living, please find below a few locations you might want to consider.

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is a vibrant spot with art galleries, unique and trendy shops, craft breweries and iconic restaurants. The tree lined streets are host to the historic Art-A-Whirl festival that attracts artists and attendees from all over.

Experiencing Condo Living in the Artist Districts

With revitalization that started in the 60’s and happened again in the 90’s, the area saw growth of condo development. You will find quite a few large industrial buildings have been transformed into modern housing with a trendy twist yet giving homage to the buildings histories. This trend has continued with new condo developments being built amongst the old historic buildings.

The area is no longer Minneapolis’s best kept secret and demand to live in this area is up. It is currently a seller’s market with low inventory. However, if you have interest in moving to the area, having a knowledgeable and experienced guide is key to making your move to the area happen. There are numerous condo developments (in the area) that offer just what you might be looking for pertaining amenities and floor plans. To name a few, The Phoenix on the River, Flour Sack Flats or Village Lofts might just fit the bill.

The Northeast Minneapolis Riverfront is just as charming with the same opportunities to experience the arts, shops, pubs and restaurants. However, the riverfront views are a “can’t miss”. You can truly experience the old meets new on the Riverfront. The location is all about taking in the outdoors with the views, parks and biking & walking paths.

Urban Condo

The Condo Living Lifestyle

Northeast Minneapolis has transformed into an area that is perfect for the condo living lifestyle. You can spend less time commuting by being central to work centers and leisure activities. And you can spend less time on home maintenance and yard work because it’s done for you. We all need more time and condo living is one way to take back those precious hours and do more of the things you enjoy. Imagine, walking out your door on a Saturday and strolling through one of the districts enjoying the views and wandering down the river or shopping and dining locally in support of your neighbor artists, chefs and brewers. If you think the Northeast Minneapolis condo lifestyle is your key to work/life balance, let’s chat! I would love to help find you the perfect condo.

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Where to Find Great Lofts to Buy in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Lofts

The city of Minneapolis is known for its unrivaled beauty when it comes to lofts with a stunning view of the city.  You can find an abundance of lofts in the city, which offer a quiet comfort with luxury amenities at any price range which suits you.

Boutique Style Lofts

The North Western part of Downtown Minneapolis is known for their unique, boutique style lofts, which feature a number of old- style, vintage themed houses. These are buildings which have a number of well- styled and luxurious condos in them. You will find a number of amenities, including indoor heating, a fitness area, and a security system.

Stylish City Loft

Warehouse Lofts

Located all over downtown Minneapolis, warehouse lofts are extremely popular because of their spacious interiors and fantastic views. Many lofts are also equipped with urban patios. These lofts are perfect for those people who work and study in downtown Minneapolis. There are several luxury facilities included in the lofts, including storage units, outdoor maintenance, and trash and sewage treatment systems.

Modern Lofts

Located mainly in the center of downtown Minneapolis, modern lofts in the area consist of a lot of contemporary designs with free flowing interiors. These lofts stick to the gritty aesthetic of original lofts, without losing touch of their modern side. These lofts offers something for everyone.  You find some of the shared amenities may include building security systems, free cable, exercise room, amusement/party room, and outdoor maintenance.

Urban Living Lofts

Located mainly in the northern part of downtown Minneapolis, urban living lofts offer a culmination of other other types of designs, such as industrial and modern features. These lofts are most modern in their build, and offer a combination of one, two, and three bedroom lofts. The amenities that urban living lofts offer include community centers, rooftop patios, fitness areas, and indoor heating.

Luxury Condos

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Minneapolis Loring Park Urban Condominimum Living

Loring Park Oak Grove

The Loring Park neighborhood in Minneapolis’s Central Community surrounds the iconic park by the same name. Recently, it has become one of the city’s most attractive real estate destinations, particularly for its varieties of condominiums. The neighborhood is also a business hub, with various operational businesses that employ professionals from various fields.


The Loring Park neighborhood is most famous for the park itself, dating back to the late 19th century. Originally named Central Park, its name was changed in 1890 to Loring Park to honor Charles Loring, the Minneapolis park system’s first superintendent. Since then, the neighborhood surrounding the park has witnessed a radical transformation, such as apartments, commercial buildings, townhomes/rowhouses, brick homes, condominimums and mansions were developed.

Vintage Living Room

Nearby attractions

The central location of the Loring Park neighborhood makes it convenient to reach destinations across both Uptown and Downtown Minneapolis. Some of the nearby attractions include the Walker Art Center, St. Anthony Falls, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, and Basilica of St. Mary.

Urban Living in Loring Park

Living in the Loring Park neighborhood offers you the chance to become a part of a rich and diverse social environment. It is particularly inviting for art and culture enthusiasts as, throughout the year, the neighborhood plays host to numerous art and culture events. Current residents of the neighborhood have often described it as the ideal place to experience urban living in Minneapolis. It also offers a blend of modern and old-world characteristics, which gives it a unique charm.

The Loring Greenway is another stunning feature in the Loring Park neighborhood. It’s a linear park that connects Loring Park with Nicollet Mall. Almost 2,000 people use it regularly for its playgrounds, or walking and biking purposes.

If you want to experience urban living at its finest in Minneapolis, Loring Park should be at the top of your list of potential places to look for condominiums.

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Minneapolis Stevens Square Urban Condo Living

Minneapolis Stevens Square Condos

Stevens Square is one of Minneapolis’s most densely populated neighborhoods, even though its geographical area is relatively small compared to the city’s other neighborhoods. As the southernmost neighborhood of the city’s Central community, it witnessed numerous difficulties during the ‘90s. However, thanks to a Neighborhood Revitalization Program, it slowly transformed. Today, it has become one of the best places to look for condominiums in Minneapolis.

Access and transportation options

The neighborhood has numerous arterial streets of significance passing through it, such as First Avenue, Franklin Avenue, and Nicollet Avenue. Interstate highways are not too far away either. Downtown Minneapolis is located to its north; you don’t even have to travel a mile to get there.

Transportation options in the neighborhood include the environment-friendly bike-sharing system, which you can access via the Nice Ride station, located conveniently at the corner of Nicollet Avenue and Franklin Avenue. High-frequency buses also pass through the neighborhood, such as 2 on Franklin Avenue, 11 on 3rd Avenue S, and 17 and 18 on Nicollet Avenue.

Minneapolis Bike

Nearby neighborhoods and attractions

Some of the prominent neighborhoods located close to Stevens Square include Downtown West, Elliot Park, Loring Park, Lowry Hill, Lowry Hill East, Whittier, and Ventura Village.

Stillwater Minnesota Historic Building

Stevens Square is an excellent place to stay for arts and entertainment enthusiasts as prominent attractions such as the Guthrie Theater, Walker Art Center, Children’s Theater, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts are all located within a short distance of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood also boasts of rich heritage, with an old-world charm that you’re unlikely to find in the more modern areas of the city. However, you can enjoy all the city conveniences and luxuries as well, making it a great mix of the old and the new.

So, if you’re looking for an urban condo in and around Minneapolis, you should definitely consider the properties on offer in Stevens Square.

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Downtown Minneapolis Condos: The Convenience of Living & Walking to the Yoga Studio or the Gym

Minneapolis Yoga Studios

Downtown Minneapolis is the city’s business hub and the skyscrapers here make for a spectacular sight. However, in recent decades, Downtown Minneapolis has become a well-known residential hub as well, owing to a plethora of condos being developed and bought by people who wanted to live in a thriving city.

Even though 2011’s recession saw a dip in condo development and sales in Minneapolis, it came back with a bang when things began to improve. Today, living in Downtown Minneapolis condos is a dream for many, with fitness devotees in particular buying numerous properties in the area in the recent past. Let’s try and understand why Downtown Minneapolis is a convenient place to stay for fitness enthusiasts.

A plethora of yoga studios and gyms

The people of Minneapolis were always among the Americans who valued fitness and always strived to make it a vital part of their daily routines. As a result, when the right economic opportunities came along, entrepreneurs began to tap into the fanaticism for fitness that existed in the city.

Today, Minneapolis boasts of hundreds of gyms and studios and a bulk of them are located in Downtown Minneapolis. Names such as ALTR, G-Werx Fitness Downtown, Snap Fitness, ZeSa Fitness, Blooma, Corepower Yoga, and Alchemy 365 have long been popular among fitness enthusiasts in the city. A lot of people purchase condos in Minneapolis simply because of the convenience of walking to one or more of these fitness centers.

Living close to so many different fitness studios also offers several other advantages to residents. Studies conducted all around the world have shown that those who live closer to gyms are much likelier to maintain an active and fit lifestyle than those who live farther away.

So if you are a fitness lover looking to buy a condo in Minneapolis, make Downtown Minneapolis your target location for staying in tune with your fitness goals.