Buying a Condo or a Home Near the Artist District, NE Minneapolis

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A popular community within Minneapolis is the Northeast Minneapolis location, which comprises thirteen smaller neighborhoods that serve a wide range of things to do and varied interests. Breweries, parks, bakeries, art shows are only some of the interests of the residents of these thirteen neighborhoods. NE Minneapolis stands out for something more than its neighborhood community. It is a hub for local artists who find inspiration there.

Nestled between the Mississippi River and Interstate 94, you will find a culturally-focused lively, artistic community that is popularly Art District. Saint Paul’s Arts District is a haven for art lovers and home to the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, Palace Theatre, as well as many artists. It is a community that is filled with innumerable entertainment options as well.

The housing units in this neighborhood constitutes everything from multi-family residential buildings, high-rise condos to turn-of-the-century homes on tree-lined streets that offer immense tranquility. You will find bustling commercial streets that look like a scene right out of a Hollywood movie to several trendy shops. Art District combines big-city amenities with the small-town feel.

A hub of urban culture, Art District consists of everything from restaurants and coffee shops to pubs that serve amazing craft beer, art galleries, and more. It is well connected with public transit and connectivity to the interstate as well. With several amenities, it is suitable for young families with or without children and professionals as well.

Housing units in the Art District rarely stay on the market for very long as it is one of the most sought-after places due to the lifestyle it offers. Most of the housing units are condominiums and homes with their median price changing as per the housing unit, area, age of the unit, and several other factors. The median price has been experiencing a rise year on year due to the popularity of the neighborhood.

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Three Reasons Why You May Want To Settle For A Minneapolis Walkable Neighborhood

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Minneapolis has unique, diverse and vibrant neighborhoods and you can take advantage of renovation incentives and home purchases. If you love the full of life city, you might want to consider moving to Minneapolis and experience urban living. Best of all, Minneapolis has a number of walk able neighborhoods like Downtown West, Downtown East, North Loop, Loring Park, Uptown, Lowry Hill East, Howe, Longfellow, Hiawatha, Dinkytown, NE Riverfront, Holland and Victory-Memorial.

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There are a number of positives of living in a walkable neighborhood:

Walkable communities are more climate-friendly

  • Fuel guzzling vehicles like trucks and cars are the city’s biggest source of global warming emissions. The compact and walk able areas permit families not to start their car often, and the time taken to travel is reduced too. The contribution to polluting the environment is also reduced.

City of Minneapolis-Sustainability Indicators

  • The air that you breathe inside your vehicle is one of the worst you will have all day. Dense urban traffic makes city roads a “pollution tunnel” that exposes drivers (and passengers as well) to sky high levels of volatile organic compounds, benzene and fine soot. The alternative is to prioritize urban walkability, biking, and utilize public transportation.
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Walkable neighborhoods are synonymous

People who live in sprawling areas drive over longer distances. They also spend more time inside their vehicles compared to residents of compact and walk able neighborhoods. It is true, that the more you drive the more risk you have of breathing in harmful gases.

Your life comes back to you

  • According to the American Journal of Medicine, if you walk half an hour every day, five days per week, you add about 1.5 years on an average to your predicted lifespan. It means that if you walk for a minute, three minutes are added to your life.
  • Residents of walk able neighborhoods are 2.4 times as much as probable to walk for about half an hour as those living in least-walk able neighborhoods.
  •  People who live in traditional neighborhoods with excellent pedestrian facilities and enjoy the conveniences of services just a few minutes’ walk from their homes, get approximately 70 minutes of physical activity in a week.  

Minneapolis offers an unmatched choice when it comes to housing, education and employment. The city is home to a number of universities and colleges, thereby giving the residents of the city an unparalleled access to lifelong productive learning.

Minneapolis Colleges Universities

Minneapolis-Minnesota Colleges and Universities

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Downtown Minneapolis City Living: Leading the Way in Sustainability

Downtown Minneapolis Condo

A great aspect of the living in downtown Minneapolis is the convenience of being able to walk to restaurants, shopping, art galleries, theatres, and sporting events without spending a lot of time in the car or a lot of money at the gas pumps.

Are you looking to experience the sustainable lifestyle of city living? There are numerous downtown Minneapolis condo & lofts for sale.  

The advantages of downtown Minneapolis city living is the following:

  • Walking and Bike Trails. Downtown Minneapolis city living means great walkability. When you live near the downtown skywalk system is especially convenient with inclement weather. Green space is plentiful downtown. The Twin Cities rate high in the bicycle-friendly list, according to Bicycle Magazine. And Minneapolis is ranked first place on the American Fitness Index!
  • Public Transportation. The light rail on the Metro Green Line is a direct line to the University of Minnesota. Downtown Minneapolis residents enjoy its convenient service, which connects the business district to Saint Paul. Plan an easy outing to browse the Downtown St Paul Farmer’s Market, or a night out in historic Lowertown’s ever-popular dining spots and cantinas.
  • Great Dog Parks. They’re located conveniently in various spots around town. Check out Gateway Dog Park at 1099 South 4th Ave., the Off-Leash Dog Park at Franklin Terrace, or Gateway Park at 1 First Street South. Or find another right where you need it!
  • The Stone Arch Bridge. Just east of downtown, this unique bridge over the Mississippi River was constructed with local granite and limestone. It’s a walker’s and cyclist’s destination, with a famous vista of the St. Anthony Falls.
  • Thrilling Games. See the Vikings play at the U.S. Bank Stadium and the Twins at Target Field.
  • World-Class Dining, Shopping, Theatre and Art Spaces. Even people who aren’t all that into shopping love the Minneapolis restaurant and the theatre scene. Minneapolis is sustainable and cultural life at its best.

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