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St. Paul, Minnesota with 83 constituent neighborhoods, is the 2nd largest of Minnesota’s communities. Its population is 307,695 people, and this old, historic city boasts of a variety of architecture.

No matter what type of home you’re interested in, there are several options for you that have their own unique personality and flair. Old as well as modern luxury homes, are available in the form of houses, condos, and more. St. Paul’s luxury homes come in different styles, including Tudor Revival styled and Queen Anne inspired.

For luxury living, Merriam Park West, located in the west central region of St. Paul is one of numerous best options. However, you’ll also find homes suited to your luxury living needs in MacAlester-Groveland and other communities. 

If you’re interested in high rise options, St. Paul’s Airye Condominiums are quite popular and offer a splendid view of the city.

Houses are typically in an older style, with most having been built before 1939. There are luxury homes that have been revamped though from constructions in 1940-1969; 1970-1999; and after 2000.  

The elite setting of the luxury homes come equipped with amenities synonymous with luxury living. They also offer greater privacy and security for residents which help to eliminate the stress of living. The higher quality of luxury homes translates into lower maintenance and long term costs. Although the specific amenities available will differ based on the luxury home of your choice, the amenities offered will help to make life easier for residents.       

The natural beauty of the area can be admired, and there are several recreational options for residents. The area also falls under the education of the St. Paul Public School District along with a few private schools such as St. Paul Academy & Summit School.

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Learn and Have Fun: Free Things to Do in St Paul, MN

Art Gallery Exhibit

There’s no shortage of wonderful experiences to be enjoyed in and around St Paul. And some of the best things in the city are free. Here are a handful of free offerings we love.

Play. Grow. Imagine!

Do it all at the Children’s Museum of St Paul. See how to make play a priority for your family, and for you! There’s much to learn here about research on the power of play to build strong minds.

Visit the Weisman. Admission is always free.

The Weisman Art Museum is enjoyable, free, educational, and one of the most wonderful destinations in St Paul. The collection includes paintings by Marsden Hartley, Georgia O’Keeffe, and a great many contemporary artists.

Join volunteer weekend tour guides, the Weisguides, and you’ll learn about the building’s architecture as well as the art within. You’ll get to contribute to art-making, too. Check the museum’s calendar for upcoming events.

The Cathedral of St Paul welcomes you in.

The Cathedral, with its landmark copper dome, holds guided tours at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. Meet at the tour counter at the rear of the church.

Feast your eyes on the spectacular works of art, such as the painting by Theodule Ribot at the altar. Find the seat where JFK once sat. And you can go for lunch at the St Paul School or at any of the Grand Avenue restaurants and pubs. Tripadvisor reviewers rate this as #1 of 108 things to do in St Paul!

Visit the St Paul Cathedral on Facebook for some previews!

Hop over to Minneapolis and… 

You’ll find there’s always free live entertainment at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

If you love art. You may want to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Condo shopping in St Paul?

Visit one of these great offerings in and around St Paul—perhaps after touring townhomes and condos for sale in the Twin Cities. Feel the hospitality of the place you’ll call home!

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Living in Crocus Hill, St. Paul

If you are planning to move to any neighborhood in St. Paul, you should definitely consider Crocus Hill as one of your top options. This lovely neighborhood is known for its friendly residents and great atmosphere.

The neighborhood is easy to access, as it is flanked by Interstate 35E to the east, Summit avenue to the north, Lexington Avenue to the west, and St. Clair Avenue to the south. This ideal location makes this neighborhood easy to get to.

One of the most striking features of Crocus Hill is the number of gorgeous properties that stand tall along the sidewalks. This neighborhood is home to a great number of houses from the 1900s, all of which have a beautiful vintage charm to them.

Another much-appreciated factor about living in this neighborhood is its walkability. Places are very easy to access, and people thoroughly enjoy parking their cars at home and getting to nearby places on foot. The neighborhood has a tight-knit community, and people are very friendly to one another. Residents can unwind after a long day by simply walking to Grand Avenue and exploring many of the restaurants, bars, and shops in the area.

Children and adults alike can participate in any of the fun activities available at the Linwood Recreation Center. Kids are sure to love the city-sponsored summer camps, as well as the lovely skating rink. Grown-ups can make use of the gym, yoga, and fitness classes, as well as the robust community garden at the center.

There are several easily-accessible educational institutions, all within a very close distance to the neighborhood. Yet another interesting factor is that Crocus Hill is hardly a 10-minute drive from the airport, but you will not hear the loud noise of the airport from where you live.

Overall, Crocus Hill is an incredible neighborhood for those looking to be part of a caring and wholesome community.

4 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About St. Paul

St. Paul is a beautiful place to live, with an interesting history. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time resident, here are four interesting facts you may not have known about St. Paul.

1. The St. Paul Winter Carnival has a long history. Every year, St. Paul hosts the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The first one began in 1886, and it’s now an annual event attended by tens of thousands of residents and visitors alike. It’s so famous at this point that a book was even published about it.

2. St. Paul has more riverfront along the Mississippi River than any other city. There are a whopping 26 miles, to be exact, along which are ample opportunities for yacht watching, waterfront dining, strolling paths and boutique shopping. And, if you like the riverfront you never have to leave. There are plenty of St. Paul lofts and St. Paul condos with water views to choose from!

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul in 1896 on Laurel Avenue. He subsequently moved to Summit Avenue, where he penned “This Side of Paradise.” In fact, according to historical reports, it was the success of this novel that helped F. Scott win the fair hand of Zelda, his famous future wife. 

4. Charles Schultz, creator of the “Peanuts” cartoon and of course America’s favorite animated dog, Snoopy, grew up in St. Paul and attended Richards Gordon Elementary School. After serving in the military, Charles returned to St. Paul where he worked as a schoolteacher and honed his animation craft in his spare hours until he was able to devote all his time to it.

As you can see, St. Paul has a colorful past and a vibrant future. When you’re ready to find your own little corner of St. Paul to call home, please contact RE/MAX Results – Shannon Lindstrom, Realtor at 612-616-9714 or visit today. I can help you!

City of Saint Paul

The Walkable St Paul-Summit University Neighborhood

st paul condo living room

It’s good for the mind, body, and community spirit to live in a walkable town. And St Paul condos and lofts are in all the most walkable urban neighborhoods.

Scoring High for Walkability

Consider the Summit-University neighborhood, with its Walk Score of 76. The Walk Score is informed by researchers in urban planning, public health, and real estate. The 70-89 range of scores is “very walkable” — meaning most of residents’ daily errands can be done on a walk. 

The YWCA of Cathedral Hill has fitness equipment and a pool. Personal trainers are ready to help you no matter your fitness level or age, and your membership supports the community. Classes for expectant mothers and kids too!

Outside the YWCA are plenty of stores and restaurants to visit, inviting everyone in the area to walk around or get on a bike. 

Want a healthful meal to power your workout or your walk? One mile west of the YWCA is J. Selby’s at 169 N. Victoria Street. This spot shares the sustainability ideals that brings you to the Twin Cities. 

Selby and Snelling: A Big Slice of St Paul

Ready for more still walkable city living? Take Selby westward, to explore many great shopping and dining places in route to Selby and Snelling. These two avenues meet to offer a generous slice of the Twin Cities life. Plenty of small storefronts offer local goods and vintage finds.

Need a refreshment to cool off? Pop into the Blue Door Pub or O’Gara’s Bar and Grill for a pint! Convenient transit options are an option to get you back home. 

We’re waiting to welcome you. Please feel free to give me a call and start making plans for healthful, eco-friendly living in the wonderfully walkable Summit-University neighborhood of St Paul.