Six Best Hiking & Biking Trails in Saint Paul, MN

Ramsey County Bike Trails

If you’re in the mood to get your hiking shoes out or take your bike out when you’re in or near Saint Paul, MN, here’s a guide to the 6 best places to enjoy hiking and biking trails.

Fort Snelling State Park trails

While this beautiful park doesn’t allow camping, it boasts of 5 miles of paved trails and 18 miles of unpaved hiking trails. The paved walking and biking trails forms a connection with Minnehaha Regional Park. The park has almost 3000 acres with 12 miles of tracked ski trails, 6 miles of multi-use trails, and 7 miles meant for skijoring.       

Hidden Falls Regional Park trails

The Hidden Falls Regional Park trails extend for 6.7 miles with paved trails available for walking, hiking, or biking. The trails run along the shoreline of the Mississippi River and connect to the Mississippi River Boulevard parkway. There’s a lot of greenery to be enjoyed here and you’ll find several picnic spaces, fire pits, grill pits, and even boat launches here.

Battle Creek Regional Park trails

The western and southern sections of the park have trails for walking, hiking, and biking. There are 3.3 miles of multi-use trails and 3.3 miles of single track biking trails. You can enjoy seeing several species of wildlife on the trails and take a moment to appreciate the regions natural plant habitat.   

Afton State Park trails

Here, you can enjoy 20 miles of hiking trails and 4 miles of paved biking trails, horse trails, camping areas, and swimming beaches.

 Crosby Farm Regional Park trails

At the Crosby Farm Regional Park, you will be able to enjoy 7 miles of paved trails for walking, running, hiking, and biking. You’ll find tree covered lowlands all around you and you can even enjoy the BBQ pits and marina.    

Lebanon Hills Regional Park trails 

This park of more than 2000 acres has many paved trails that span over 12 miles and can be used for hiking or biking. Some of its major trails include:

  • Holland Lake Trailhead
  • Jensen Lake Trailhead
  • Visitor Center Trailhead
  • West Trailhead
  • Equestrian Trailhead
St Paul Biking Trails

8 Things to Do in St Paul MN

St Paul is a city that’s full of fun things to do. If you’re moving to St Paul anytime soon, here’s a list of things that you should definitely do to get an authentic feel of the city.

1. Como Zoo

The Como Zoo is the perfect place in St Paul to indulge in a little bit of education and entertainment with the kids, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Along with all the animals on display, don’t forget to check out the Japanese Garden, the Marjorie Mcneely Conservatory, and the Sunken Garden.

2. Cathedral of St Paul

The cathedral is the city’s highest point, and it ranks as the third-biggest Catholic church in the USA. It is more than a century old, and free tours are offered here at 1 PM every weekday.

3. Landmark Center

The Landmark Center in downtown St Paul is a center of arts and culture today, but once, this iconic building that resembles a castle was a courthouse and a federal post office.

4. Union Depot

The Union Depot building was once home to a train station, but the architectural marvel is now a center for various events, transportation hubs, and more. For a full tour of the iconic building, visit on Tuesdays at 11 AM.

5. Summit Avenue

Summit Avenue is home to USA’s longest stretch of houses that showcase the very best of Victorian architecture. Iconic buildings here include the F. Scott Fitzgerald House and the James J. Hill House.

6. Downtown/Lowertown Farmer’s Market

One of the most colorful markets you are ever likely to see, the St Paul’s Farmer’s Market, operated and maintained by the St. Paul’s Growers’ Association, guarantees fresh fruits and vegetables all year round for the people of the city.

7. Black Dog Café

The Black Dog Café is the perfect place to experience the vibrant jazz scene that prevails in the city. Visit it on a Saturday night for the best experience.

8. Harriet Island

St Paul and Minneapolis are known for their free parks, and Harriet Island certainly is one of the best on offer. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or to take a hike.

Downtown St Paul

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