Cathedral Hill St. Paul Neighborhood: Residential Real Estate

Cathedral Hill is one of numerous urban St Paul neighborhoods that is full of history with grand mansions, modern-traditional condos, the historic cathedral, and friendly community members. The ivy-covered facades that enhances the splendor of the St Paul neighborhood. The layout and location of Cathedral Hill share its beauty and attraction with the Summit Hill neighborhood. It also features magnificent buildings that overlook the charming magnificence of Cathedral Hill center. he F. Scott Fitzgerald’s childhood home is located in the Cathedral Hill location.

You will find there are numerous restaurants from casual to fine dining, coffee shops and bakeries that are simply amazing and offer the best culinary experience in the walkable neighborhood.

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3 Places Where You Can Eat Out in Cathedral Hill

1. The Muddy Pig

This is a casual club and bar that locally serves visitors who like impressive beer selection and great local conversations. Muddy pig restaurant’s menu ranges from pastas to sandwiches that offer a wide range of selections.

2. The French Hen Café

French Hen Café is a little café that is along Selby Avenue that provides breakfast services to locals and visitors. The café is well known for gravy and biscuit lovers.

3. Moscow On The Hill

Moscow On the Hill serves delicious European/Russian dishes: Chicken Kiev, Beef Stroganoff, Borsht and Blini with Caviar, Pelmeni (meat-stuffed dumplings, and also Vareniki. The produce and meats are purchased from locally grown farmers. Also, the impressive Vodka choices are anywhere from old to new World. Moscow on The Hill has a beautiful patio, which is used for outdoor dining in the late spring/summer/early fall months.

Places to Visit in Cathedral Hill

The Mississippi Market

Mississippi Market is located on the corner of Selby Avenue and Dale Avenue. This St Paul food co-op sells only locally grown and organic farm produce, baked goods, etc. Also, they offer classes pertaining to personal health & wellness, sustainable living, nutrition & cooking, yoga and much more.

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