Enjoy Sustainable Transport in St. Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul has been consistently developing many transit practices and policies for various types of transportation modes that include walking, light rail, biking and other modes. The planning commission of the city comprises of a Transportation Committee that acts as an advisory body to the commission for transportation related matters such as projects, policies and plans. The mayor of the city and the City Council of Saint Paul are focused to make Saint Paul a leading sustainable city for urban living.

Proactive steps are being taken for protecting the urban landscape, water and air of the city by undertaking activities to reduce emission of CO2 or Carbon Dioxide. The activities pertain to use of alternative options for transportation, clean supply of energy, waste reduction and recycling, managing natural resources and reforestation, managing water resources, energy conservation and efficiency.

Using bicycles in Saint Paul

Saint Paul is the perfect place for you irrespective of whether you are using a bike for commutation or for getting some physical exercise. You can also use one to do sightseeing in and around the city. There are about 170 miles of bicycling facilities available in Saint Paul so the opportunities of bicycling in and around the city are tremendous.

Use of Electronic Vehicles in Saint Paul

Saint Paul as a city is completely committed to be a leader as far as the use of EVs or electric vehicles and their charging infrastructure is concerned. The city of Saint Paul has a broad sustainability mission and the deployment of electric vehicles supports that mission. It has been estimated that the use of EVs in the city will help in reducing the emission of Carbon dioxide by about 20 percent by the year 2020. Owners of electric vehicles in these twin cities keep sharing their experiences of operating and owning the EVs.

Charging Station locations

There are about 23 public charging stations that have been installed in Saint Paul to charge hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Moreover, extra charging stations are also being deployed by several other public and private entities.

Metro Green Line

It was in the year 2014, the citizens of Minneapolis, metro area and Saint Paul enjoyed their maiden rides on the Green Line rail. This is the biggest public project for the residents of Minnesota and about 100,000 riders availed it on the opening weekend. It was indeed a memorable day for the development and transit for Minnesota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It continues to enjoy higher success and growing development with the number of riders growing every month.

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