Living in Crocus Hill, St. Paul

If you are planning to move to any neighborhood in St. Paul, you should definitely consider Crocus Hill as one of your top options. This lovely neighborhood is known for its friendly residents and great atmosphere.

The neighborhood is easy to access, as it is flanked by Interstate 35E to the east, Summit avenue to the north, Lexington Avenue to the west, and St. Clair Avenue to the south. This ideal location makes this neighborhood easy to get to.

One of the most striking features of Crocus Hill is the number of gorgeous properties that stand tall along the sidewalks. This neighborhood is home to a great number of houses from the 1900s, all of which have a beautiful vintage charm to them.

Another much-appreciated factor about living in this neighborhood is its walkability. Places are very easy to access, and people thoroughly enjoy parking their cars at home and getting to nearby places on foot. The neighborhood has a tight-knit community, and people are very friendly to one another. Residents can unwind after a long day by simply walking to Grand Avenue and exploring many of the restaurants, bars, and shops in the area.

Children and adults alike can participate in any of the fun activities available at the Linwood Recreation Center. Kids are sure to love the city-sponsored summer camps, as well as the lovely skating rink. Grown-ups can make use of the gym, yoga, and fitness classes, as well as the robust community garden at the center.

There are several easily-accessible educational institutions, all within a very close distance to the neighborhood. Yet another interesting factor is that Crocus Hill is hardly a 10-minute drive from the airport, but you will not hear the loud noise of the airport from where you live.

Overall, Crocus Hill is an incredible neighborhood for those looking to be part of a caring and wholesome community.

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