10 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Maple Grove, MN

Gluten-free diners are everywhere. Nonetheless, you won’t find restaurants that serve allergy-prone guests in many places. In some Maple Grove restaurants cater to their resident gluten-free diners with an array of dishes to choose from. The town of Maple Grove has realized the fact that there is a large consumer base, whether due to allergies or out of choice, that wants gluten-free food. Customers, in turn, have rewarded these eateries with their business.

Gluten Free Restaurants Maple Grove MN
Gluten Free Foods

Regular Fare Served Too

The restaurants mentioned also serve regular cuisine. Nonetheless, with the value they offer and the wide variety, they could very well be niche dining options for gluten-free diners. As it happens, you don’t have to avoid things like pancakes, pasta or pizza if you are a gluten-free customer. If you are gluten-free, Minnesota‘s popular city, Maple Grove has gluten-free replacement ingredients and rice-based foods. So you can eat your favorites. Below are the ten restaurants that offer gluten free food in Maple Grove.

Mongolian Beef at P.F. Chang’s

You’ll find that ordering gluten-free foods is as easy as pie at P.F. Chang’s. For every course of your meal, there’s at least a couple of gluten-free options from starters to dessert. You can start with the egg drop soup or the Singaporean street noodles. The Mongolian beef is an entrée to die for and is prepared especially for connoisseurs in a 600-degree wok.

Asian Restaurants Maple Grove

Go Italian at Biaggi’s

Who doesn’t love Italian! Biaggi’s is one of the best of Maple Grove restaurants that serves up pizzas and pastas that are gluten-free. Pizzas are made with a gluten-free dough and pastas have a rice base. Try the pasta Alfredo and the spicy chicken are must-haves.

Italian Restaurants Maple Grove

Stir Fry at Mongo’s Grill

You cannot miss this place as it lets you make your own bowl of stir-fry. Its a great option because nobody knows your dietary preferences and restrictions as you yourself do! Choose from proteins like beef, chicken, calamari, salmon, etc, and white or brown rice noodles.

Stir Fry

Pittsburgh Blue has the Meat

If you are a meat and seafood lover, you’ll love this famed gluten-free Minnesota wonder of a restaurant. Avoid the bread, but try the crusted prime rib with rock salt and the Benedict sea scallops.

Sea Scallops

Five Guys for Burgers to Die For

You can avoid the burger bun at this joint, but the burgers are scrumptious, and with 250,000 different toppings to choose from, you can’t go wrong. You get all burgers with cheese too!

Five Guys Burgers

Other Gluten-free Delights

Some other great eateries where you get good gluten-free food are Houlihan’s (BBQ stuff), The Pancake House, Boston Gourmet Pizza, Olive Garden Chain, and Benihana. Ben and Jerry’s famous ice-creams have gluten-free options too.

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