Minneapolis – Kenwood Neighborhood Living: Luxury Condos & Homes

Kenwood is one of the neighborhoods in Minneapolis, situated in the Calhoun-Isles community, bordered by Cedar Lake Parkway (west), West Lake of the Isles Parkway (east), Kenwood Parkway (north), and Kenilworth Place (south).

Affluent living

This affluent neighborhood boasts of luxury condos and homes, with mansions along parkways for residents to live in. Located in Hennepin County, Kenwood is one of the best neighborhoods to consider if you’re looking to buy a luxury condo or home.     

The condos and homes in the neighborhood have been developed keeping in mind the amenities that are crucial to luxury living, with home rates being 3 times the average in Minneapolis. 

Luxury condos and homes built in late 1800s attract the more homebuyers. Although many of the constructions date back a century, they’ve been revamped and restored to offer a luxury appearance and feel. These luxury condos and homes come with state of the art appliances that have already been installed.

Kenwood’s luxury condos and homes are also well connected to social amenities, including gyms, parks, shopping centers, parlous, and spas.

Upscale living with the beauty of nature

Kenwood offers residents upscale living combined with the beauty of nature. Residents can enjoy breath-taking views, recreational lands, and several lakes. Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles are 2 natural attractions in the area, and there are many recreational activities to be enjoyed here. Residents can even indulge in some winter skating, snowshoeing, hiking, or just walking around and absorbing the beauty of the place.     

Well connected to other facilities

If you need to step out of your luxury condo or home for something, you’ll find it easy to commute to the nearest retail shop, bookstore, boutique, deli, or café. The Kenwood Community Center is perfect for residents, and the neighborhood even has an assisted living facility for the retired community, Kenwood Park. Kenwood Elementary School and The Blake School are some of the best educational institutions in the neighborhood.   

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