Real Estate: Urban Living in St. Paul’s Como Neighborhood

The rich and unique St. Paul landscape is made up of seventeen neighborhoods, with Como being one of the best places to live in Minnesota. It offers all the benefits of city life, but without the crowded feel that a city has. From coffee shops to several great restaurants, grocery shops and more are a short distance away. The neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly as all amenities are just a short distance away. Living in this neighborhood offers the feel of the urban and suburban mix and the taste of wonderful city life.

The Como neighborhood in St. Paul falls under the Ramsey County. It is a diverse neighborhood with different types of property, and with a market that has a limitless choice of options. The majority of dwellings here are single-family homes, but also there is condos and townhomes for those looking for low maintenance housing. In the 1960s, the neighborhood experienced a boom in construction. Most of the homes available are from this period and has a good choice of size option. You will find homes that range from one to four-bedroom or even more.

Most of the residents of this neighborhood or property owners which is almost two-third of the population. The remaining are renters. The neighborhood is car-friendly, pedestrian-friendly, and also offers a metro transit bus lines. Most of the errands are run without the use of a vehicle, which makes this neighborhood a great walking neighborhood for the purpose of sustainability. The neighborhood is reasonably quiet and feels like a tranquil to the residents there.

Homes for sale in the Como neighborhood rarely stay on the market for very long as the neighborhood is one of the most sought-after places to live. The median listing price varies as per the size and type of the housing unit, the demand for a housing unit, and various other factors. Considering everything that Como has to offer, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the neighborhood defines urban living.

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