What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse?

Minneapolis High Rise Condos


A condominium (condo) development is a building with multiple units where each unit is owned by an individual. The building usually has common elements and/or shared amenities which may include the following; exterior courtyards, rooftop decks, exercise rooms, amusement/party rooms, etc… Condo buildings can range from low-to-mid-to high-rise buildings. 

If you buy a condo, you own only the interior of the unit while the building owner owns the rest of the building area and property. 

Condo Living


A townhouse is a single to multi floor residence with their own entrance. The townhomes usually will have anywhere from three to five units in a section.

If you buy a townhouse, you own both the interior and exterior of the individual townhome unit. That will include the driveway, the front and the backyard of the unit. The interior will have at least one to two shared common walls (unless the townhome is detached).


The Homeowners Association (HOA) monthly fees usually covers common areas and also the outside maintenance. Such as; snow removal & lawn care, landscaping, etc..

A condo and a townhouse both have their pros and cons. Deciding between a condo and a townhouse greatly depends on your preferences.

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Consider Upgrading Your Twin Cities Condo or Home before You List


Most people have wandered through new condo or single-family home developments in the Twin Cities & surrounding suburbs and wished their own home looked as modern and chic. Model homes showcase the latest upgrades and decorating trends; for home sellers these homes are their competition, and it can feel daunting to offer an older floorplan and design.

While it might seem like a smart idea to simply offer a buyer credit and list, there are downsides to this plan, and taking the time to update on your own first could possible mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

White Kitchen

Here are a few reasons why offering a credit might not be the best strategy:

Buyer Impression – A dated home looks old and not all buyers can see the potential.
Lower Offers – Offering a credit for repairs or updates could be viewed as high seller motivation, resulting in lower offers.
Value Differences – You and your buyer might disagree on the value of needed upgrades. For example, you might feel $2,500 is a fair cost for a new countertop whereas your buyers might expect considerably more; this can lead to more negotiations and lower sales price.
Home Condition – A property that shows its age can prompt the buyer to worry about the overall condition.
Loan Approval – Lenders are wary of buyer credits; in fact, upgrade or repair credits can be an issue. You might have a buyer unable to take advantage of the credit at all.

Home design trends change quickly. If you’re ready to sell, it could be tempting just to list your home in its current condition. Before you just add a credit to the listing, consider some simple updating so your buyers can see the value of your home.

Where to Find Great Lofts to Buy in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Lofts

The city of Minneapolis is known for its unrivaled beauty when it comes to lofts with a stunning view of the city.  You can find an abundance of lofts in the city, which offer a quiet comfort with luxury amenities at any price range which suits you.

Boutique Style Lofts

The North Western part of Downtown Minneapolis is known for their unique, boutique style lofts, which feature a number of old- style, vintage themed houses. These are buildings which have a number of well- styled and luxurious condos in them. You will find a number of amenities, including indoor heating, a fitness area, and a security system.

Stylish City Loft

Warehouse Lofts

Located all over downtown Minneapolis, warehouse lofts are extremely popular because of their spacious interiors and fantastic views. Many lofts are also equipped with urban patios. These lofts are perfect for those people who work and study in downtown Minneapolis. There are several luxury facilities included in the lofts, including storage units, outdoor maintenance, and trash and sewage treatment systems.

Modern Lofts

Located mainly in the center of downtown Minneapolis, modern lofts in the area consist of a lot of contemporary designs with free flowing interiors. These lofts stick to the gritty aesthetic of original lofts, without losing touch of their modern side. These lofts offers something for everyone.  You find some of the shared amenities may include building security systems, free cable, exercise room, amusement/party room, and outdoor maintenance.

Urban Living Lofts

Located mainly in the northern part of downtown Minneapolis, urban living lofts offer a culmination of other other types of designs, such as industrial and modern features. These lofts are most modern in their build, and offer a combination of one, two, and three bedroom lofts. The amenities that urban living lofts offer include community centers, rooftop patios, fitness areas, and indoor heating.

Luxury Condos

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The 5 Healthiest Restaurants in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Organic Restaurants

Minneapolis uptown condo living residents take their health very seriously. This is probably why there are so many health restaurants in the vicinity of Minneapolis uptown condo living neighborhoods. Here is the best of the best:

1. Whole Sum Kitchen

This laid-back café serves up vegan-friendly, acai bowls, grain bowls and artisan coffee, all in a hip, comfortable café at 824 West 50thStreet.

2. French Meadow Bakery & Café

This award-winning organic, farm to table café is unassuming, simple and elegant, all at once. With two locations, one at 2610 Lyndale Ave. S in Minneapolis and the other at 1662 Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, you’ll still need reservations if you want to be guaranteed a table.

3. Crisp & Green

Just as you’d expect, Crisp & Green is your Minneapolis uptown condo living destination for fresh, organic salads in all possible forms. Choose from the Chef’s Curry concoction, Fiesta Bowl, or the No Prob Cobb, among many others. Visit the Minneapolis location at 428 North Washington Avenue.

4. Common Roots Café

The Common Roots Café at 2558 Lyndale Ave. S in Minneapolis offers indoor and sunny outdoor seating while you enjoy hand-crafted delights such as avocado toast, grilled watermelon and succotash hash.

5. Tao Organic Café & Herbery

This local gem, located on 2200 Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis, is both a natural foods store and food café. Menu offerings include organic beef bone broth, mushroom broth, raw superfood crunch, coconut curry bowl and sweet potato burrito.

As you can see, Minneapolis uptown condo living entails a rich selection of home-grown food restaurants owned and operated by people who value quality of life as much as you do! If you’re looking for uptown Minneapolis condos for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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city bakery

The Residential Condo & Loft Homeownership Possibilities in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Condos

There are many residential real estate condo & loft possibilities for individuals looking to live in Minneapolis downtown, north loop, mill city, Loring Park, uptown, south or north neighborhoods.

Whether you are relocating to Minneapolis for job, or just looking to move into the city to experience urban living there are many condos & lofts, and single-family home options for you in these specific areas.

Please find below a few condos & lofts in or near downtown Minneapolis:

Downtown West
The Ivy Condos
SkyScape Condos
Riverwest Condos
The Crossing Condos

Downtown East
Humboldt Lofts
Bridgewater Lofts
Carlyle Condos
NorthStar Lofts
607 Washington Lofts

North Loop
Riverwalk Lofts
River Station Condos
The Itasca Condos
Herschel Loft
710, 720, 730 Lofts
801 Washington Lofts
Bookman Stacks Condos
Bookman Lofts

The Edgewater Condos
Lake Pointe Condos
The Loop Condos

Loring Park
The Summit House Condos
The Groveland Condos
1200 On The Mall Condos
301 Oak Grove Condos
301 Clinton Place Condos

Nicollet Island-East Bank
La Rive Condos
Cobalt Condos
The Village Homes
The Village Brown Stones
The Falls and Pinnacle Condos

The Historic Bremer Condos

Minneapolis is a sustainable city with public transportation, green spaces including community gardens and parks, neighborhoods within walking distance of local coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, and food co-ops to grocery chains.

The entire City of Minneapolis public transportation choices are the metro light rail and also buses.

Metro Transit

Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Residential Homeownership Choices near the University of Minneapolis

Minneapolis is home to several education institutions like the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Technical College, Augsburg College, Dunwoody College of Technology, and several other schools

City of Minneapolis Colleges and Universities http://www.uscollegesearch.org/minneapolis-minnesota-colleges.html http://www.thecityofminneapolis.com/schools/colleges-universities.html

There are numerous choices in Minneapolis if you are looking to purchase a townhouse, a condo or a single-family home near local colleges and universities depending on your budget. The neighborhoods near the University of MN are the following: Seward, Marcy-Holmes, Southeast Como and Dinkytown offer may possibilities if you are looking for home-ownership.

Please find below a few condos near the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis Campus:

Prospect Park-East River Road
University Flats Condos
M Flats Condos

Riverview Tower Condos

St. Anthony Condos
Mill Trace Condos
Flour Sack Flats Condos
Phoenix On The River Condos
Winslow House Condos

Residential choices for families

Home seekers with families to experience urban living in or near downtown my consider looking for townhouses or condos/lofts with larger square footage and full shared amenities.

You will find some downtown Minneapolis condo development offer a play area and/or a pool.  Downtown housing projects comprising of dense residential units, where cars and bikes coexist in harmony on the roads are vastly found in the Mill District.

As Minneapolis is a city of lakes, there are neighborhoods with blocks of lakes, walking and biking trails like Linden Hills, Cedar Isles, East Isles and Diamond Lake which will be ideal during the summers.

Minneapolis Grand Rounds National Scenic ByWay http://www.minneapolisparks.org/grandrounds/home.htm

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