The Benefits of Living in Big Lake, MN: Real Estate

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Located in Minnesota’s Sherburne County, Big Lake is a city that’s approximately 45 miles away from Minneapolis. In recent decades, the city has witnessed rapid development, particularly in the real estate sector, with more than 1100 plus new single-family homes developed. As the population has soared in the city, so has various business opportunities, and if you’re looking for an alternative to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul for living, look no further than Big Lake.

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Activities to do

Living in Big Lake offers you a chance to explore the great outdoors, as the city boasts of a whopping 3.5 acres of greenway, 20 miles of sidewalk and trail, and 215 acres of parkland. The park system of the city is highly-rated and among the best in not just Minnesota but in the entirety of the USA. The Lakeside Park has beach access as well, along with a fishing pier and boat landing.

Two of the biggest events in Big Lake include the softball tournament that sees teams from various cities, towns, and villages in Minnesota participating, and Spud Fest, an annual festival that takes place in summer, where all potato-related things are celebrated.

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Big Lake has all the amenities and conveniences that you could need and want for comfortable living. If you have kids, you’d be glad to know that there are 20 public schools in Big Lake, with Becker Middle School, Monticello Senior High School, and Vandenberge Middle School being the most highly-rated.

The city also boasts of a Northstar Commuter Train station, which connects the city to nearby suburban towns like Elk River, Otsego, Ramsey, and Anoka. Residents of Big Lake can also reach Downtown Minneapolis, thanks to the train service.

All in all, Big Lake offers you the chance to live in the city comforts, but without the hustle and bustle that’s typically associated with Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Living in Big Lake MN: Real Estate

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Big Lake is a community located in Minnesota’s Sherburne County along the banks of Big Lake and Mitchell Lake. It is situated at 45 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport & 28 miles from St. Cloud Regional Airport. It has three neighborhoods, and its population stands at 11,107.      

Homes you’ll love

Living in Big Lake is wonderful for a number of reasons, and its homes are sure to please you. The most common type of housing found in Big Lake are the single-family homes which accounts for 83.03% of housing units in the region. Apart from this, there are also townhouse developments available for those looking for a low maintenance home in area. You will find 83.21% of homes are owner occupied with 69.72% of these being 3 or 4 bedroom single-family homes. 

The new homes in the area have a modern look and feel to them, equipped with the latest amenities for residents to enjoy. Most of the houses were built after 2000, but there are some houses built between 1970-1999; 1940-1969; and prior to 1939. If you’re someone who would enjoy a house that has an older feel to it, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you.      


The Big Lake School District includes two elementary schools with a STEM program, a Middle school, and a High School. There’s also the Big Lake Community Education and Great River Regional Library, where individuals can add to their knowledge.

Besides this, there are plenty of restaurants, fast food joints, near-by shopping centers, and special events that make Big Lake an ideal place to live in.

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