Stop Waiting – Organize The Garage

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed every time you look into your garage because it has become quite cluttered with items that you really don’t need or want, it is time to start clearing the clutter and organizing to make the best use of your space. This can be a simple task if you go in with a plan and create organized storage space. You can transform the garage in a short amount of time, and here is how.

First thing? Throw out or donate items that you do not need anymore. After you’ve done that task, sort out the remaining items into groups. The items that can be used together, should be stored together. You might want to consider using clear storage containers with lids, since it might be easier for you to locate items and also it will help to encourage you to only keep what you need and use.

Once everything is grouped and stored, you will want to consider where you wish to position the storage containers. What items do you use most? You will need to make sure those items are the most easily accessible. Put rarely used or seasonal items in the harder-to-reach spots.

The main focus of keeping a clean, organized garage is storing the containers up above on shelves and off the floor. Capitalize on your wall space! This will help you fit more items while keeping it all visible and easy to access. There are many types of wall storage units, and many homeowners opt for one or a combination of the most popular choices to include pegboards, open shelving, closed cabinets, and panelized systems. For your most infrequently used items, the ceiling or garage attic space can provide an ideal storage space, but keep in mind that ceiling storage must be placed in back, so that it doesn’t interfere with the garage door.

Now is the best time to get your garage in order and get to work!

Is It Time to Update Your Bathroom?

Just like your bedroom, your bathroom should be a relaxing place. Whether you unwind in the shower or with a hot bath, making sure your bathroom is a place of comfort and not stressful is key to making your home a happier place. Because it is a room you will definitely spend time in every single day, these signs might indicate that it is time for some changes and some tips to help you do so.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

1. Poor Lighting
You can consider investing in brighter bulbs and updating your light fixtures. You might want to check-out some great LED light fixture options. They’re environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

2. No Storage Space
You may want to install a larger vanity, or additional shelving.

3. Outdated Paint Color
Updating your wall color with something more neutral, light, and timeless can help bring your bathroom back to life. You may want to consider using Low VOC paint, since it’s less toxic and also it has a low odor than other paints.

4. That ‘Bathroom’ Scent
Checking for mold, fixing any leaks, or adding ventilation can help relieve any scent you can’t seem to get rid of.

5. Leaks
Calling a plumber to make repairs is usually necessary if you have brown water stains or water leaks.

6. Time to Sell
If you’re getting ready to sell, you may want to consider updating whatever needs updating can increase your home value.

White Bathroom

What is the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse?

Minneapolis High Rise Condos


A condominium (condo) development is a building with multiple units where each unit is owned by an individual. The building usually has common elements and/or shared amenities which may include the following; exterior courtyards, rooftop decks, exercise rooms, amusement/party rooms, etc… Condo buildings can range from low-to-mid-to high-rise buildings. 

If you buy a condo, you own only the interior of the unit while the building owner owns the rest of the building area and property. 

Condo Living


A townhouse is a single to multi floor residence with their own entrance. The townhomes usually will have anywhere from three to five units in a section.

If you buy a townhouse, you own both the interior and exterior of the individual townhome unit. That will include the driveway, the front and the backyard of the unit. The interior will have at least one to two shared common walls (unless the townhome is detached).


The Homeowners Association (HOA) monthly fees usually covers common areas and also the outside maintenance. Such as; snow removal & lawn care, landscaping, etc..

A condo and a townhouse both have their pros and cons. Deciding between a condo and a townhouse greatly depends on your preferences.

If you have additional questions or looking to buy and/or sell a condo or a townhome, please feel free to contact RE/MAX Results – Shannon Lindstrom, Realtor at 612-616-9714 or visit today.


Northeast Minneapolis Arts District: Urban Condo & Loft Living

Modern Lofts

Minneapolis Northeast has numerous neighborhoods. If you’re looking for urban walkable condo living, please find below a few locations you might want to consider.

The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District is a vibrant spot with art galleries, unique and trendy shops, craft breweries and iconic restaurants. The tree lined streets are host to the historic Art-A-Whirl festival that attracts artists and attendees from all over.

Experiencing Condo Living in the Artist Districts

With revitalization that started in the 60’s and happened again in the 90’s, the area saw growth of condo development. You will find quite a few large industrial buildings have been transformed into modern housing with a trendy twist yet giving homage to the buildings histories. This trend has continued with new condo developments being built amongst the old historic buildings.

The area is no longer Minneapolis’s best kept secret and demand to live in this area is up. It is currently a seller’s market with low inventory. However, if you have interest in moving to the area, having a knowledgeable and experienced guide is key to making your move to the area happen. There are numerous condo developments (in the area) that offer just what you might be looking for pertaining amenities and floor plans. To name a few, The Phoenix on the River, Flour Sack Flats or Village Lofts might just fit the bill.

The Northeast Minneapolis Riverfront is just as charming with the same opportunities to experience the arts, shops, pubs and restaurants. However, the riverfront views are a “can’t miss”. You can truly experience the old meets new on the Riverfront. The location is all about taking in the outdoors with the views, parks and biking & walking paths.

Urban Condo

The Condo Living Lifestyle

Northeast Minneapolis has transformed into an area that is perfect for the condo living lifestyle. You can spend less time commuting by being central to work centers and leisure activities. And you can spend less time on home maintenance and yard work because it’s done for you. We all need more time and condo living is one way to take back those precious hours and do more of the things you enjoy. Imagine, walking out your door on a Saturday and strolling through one of the districts enjoying the views and wandering down the river or shopping and dining locally in support of your neighbor artists, chefs and brewers. If you think the Northeast Minneapolis condo lifestyle is your key to work/life balance, let’s chat! I would love to help find you the perfect condo.

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Shannon Lindstrom, REALTOR®, AHWD, GREEN, NCS

A Guide To Visiting The Minneapolis Northeast Arts District

Twin Cities Artists

Voted as one of the best art districts in America, Minneapolis Northeast offers an eclectic mix of both old and new world charm. The southern part of the district is filled with decades-old bars & pubs along with award-winning restaurants, and breweries. The place is dotted with art studios galore that come even more alive when the annual Art A Whirl studio tour takes place. The district becomes more and more residential as you move towards the north, finally transitioning into suburbs. Following are some of the iconic landmarks of this place where you can taste the true flavors of this district.

  • Grumpy’s Bar: Grumpy’s is one of the most iconic bar of the Minneapolis Northeast Arts District. The place serves local beer and all of Minnesota’s bar food you could want.
  • Ritz Theater: This beloved Minneapolis theater has been there in the district since 1926. Witness performances of popular shows along with food and drinks from Surdyk’s here. 
  • Erte and the Peacock Lounge: If you are looking to taste some French American food with some live music, pop into the Erte with its supper club atmosphere. Toss back some of the best martinis of the city in The Peacock lounge just across the road.
  • Sikora’s Polish Market: This self-proclaimed Little Poland market lies right in the middle of the Northeast Arts District.
  • Gasthof’s: Sample some traditional fare at this German beer hall. The place is great as a warm-weather hang out with friends while also being the hub of Das Boot drinking competition.
  • Mayslack: If you are on the lookout for reasonably cost drinks with some local band music, Mayslack bar is the place for you. The place is popular among both local residents as well as hipsters.

The walking style lanes of the Minneapolis Arts District are full of independent galleries and shops that are worthy of exploration. In addition, there are plenty of events and tours that keep happening throughout the year to make the place livelier and more interesting. 

If you’re looking to buy or sell a condo or a home in the Minneapolis Northeast location and/or the surrounding areas, please feel free to call, text, or email me at your earliest convenience.

Minneapolis Art Gallery

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Shannon Lindstrom, REALTOR®, AHWD, GREEN, NCS