Stop Waiting – Organize The Garage

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed every time you look into your garage because it has become quite cluttered with items that you really don’t need or want, it is time to start clearing the clutter and organizing to make the best use of your space. This can be a simple task if you go in with a plan and create organized storage space. You can transform the garage in a short amount of time, and here is how.

First thing? Throw out or donate items that you do not need anymore. After you’ve done that task, sort out the remaining items into groups. The items that can be used together, should be stored together. You might want to consider using clear storage containers with lids, since it might be easier for you to locate items and also it will help to encourage you to only keep what you need and use.

Once everything is grouped and stored, you will want to consider where you wish to position the storage containers. What items do you use most? You will need to make sure those items are the most easily accessible. Put rarely used or seasonal items in the harder-to-reach spots.

The main focus of keeping a clean, organized garage is storing the containers up above on shelves and off the floor. Capitalize on your wall space! This will help you fit more items while keeping it all visible and easy to access. There are many types of wall storage units, and many homeowners opt for one or a combination of the most popular choices to include pegboards, open shelving, closed cabinets, and panelized systems. For your most infrequently used items, the ceiling or garage attic space can provide an ideal storage space, but keep in mind that ceiling storage must be placed in back, so that it doesn’t interfere with the garage door.

Now is the best time to get your garage in order and get to work!

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